The Game ObjectiveEdit

The goal of Barrels O' Hue is to be able to work together and against your teammates and foes alike using a variety of bombs and explosives to accomplish a series of objectives, including Capture the Flag, Free-for-All, and Survival. We here at No Name Gaming aspire to create a great game with the ability for players to play together with friends and have a "blast" while knocking each other around in a well-created and rendered Physics environment developped on the Unity Engine.

Game ProgressionEdit

Phase 1

The game is designed as a core engine with the aesthetic and additional item/game options being developped later. This phase will focus on:

  1. Creating the game flow and organization of tasks.
  2. Collision detection and handling
  3. Camera position and movement with character
  4. Character Movement
  5. Bomb Creation and Propagation
  6. Bomb Explosions
  7. Character Model Creation (3D)
  8. Environment Creation (3D)

Phase 2

This phase involves focusing on lower priority tasks, such as:

  1. Audio Effects
  2. Animation of 3D objects
  3. Additional Abilities

Phase 3

This phase is the most important in the whole scheme of the game's design: the multiplayer aspect. The foci of this stage in the project are:

  1. Multiple characters
  2. Multiple bombs thrown simultaneously
  3. Networking
  4. Encoding and network security
  5. Different character models interacting

Phase 4

This phase is the beginning of testing and creating more complicated game modes and environments. The points that need to be covered are:

  1. Game mode creation
  2. Map creation
  3. Power-ups
  4. Items
  5. Map features (ex: fire pits, water, launchers/jump-pads, etc.)

Game Detailed DescriptionEdit

A quick and LAN-designed game from No Name Gaming, "Barrels O' Hue" is designed to amuse and frustrate even the most skilled gamers with a full array of abilities and ways to combine skills with friends and foes alike to fulfill your objectives. From the melee craze of Free-for-All to the tactical insanity of Capture the Flag, there is no shortage of maps or game modes for you and your friends to explore and - of course - be knocked off of! Did we mention that you can't turn friendly fire off?

Grab a copy and start knocking your way into the world we call "Barrels O' Hue", and get knocked far o' Hue Hue Hue!